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Certified Trauma-Informed Men's Coach


Are you haunted by the fear of repeating your Father's mistakes?


Do you feel powerless, fearing that your past will dictate your future? 

Struggling with guilt and shame, feeling depressed and lacking control over your life.


I offer the deserving an unfair advantage


My proven coaching methods will tackle your problems at the root, breaking these chains, allowing you to heal your childhood trauma and redefine your role as a masculine role model for your children.


I know how it feels, I've been there. 


I understand the frustration and helplessness. 


Seeing your children grow up in an environment filled with tension and conflict that will cripple their future.


But I also know that change is possible.


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"I was nervous all day about our first call but within seconds I felt calm and not scared of opening up to you."


"Our meetings feel informal and just like having a chat with a friend, which helps me to relax and talk about things I would not usually talk about."


'Robyn was beyond great; she was extremely easy to talk to and made the session environment really comfortable which allowed me to tell her things I've struggled to talk about in the past.'


'You were there at the perfect time and with the perfect advice. You are a true angel. You actually care and wanted to help me. I can’t thank you enough.'
Fog and Nature

To Transform Your Family's Legacy.


No one is coming to save you. 


You have to be the hero of your own destiny. 


And your kids are counting on you.


By addressing your unhealed childhood trauma, you can lead your family with confidence. 


No more shouting, arguing, or aggression. 

Instead, you'll find more communication, connection, and understanding.


If you're serious about leaving behind a legacy of resilience and empowerment:

I invite you to a free 30 minute intro call. 


This is your opportunity to uncover the transformative possibilities that await as you seize command of your true masculine essence.


Your children deserve the best version of you.


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